Exhibition Museum Regional
Guadalajara, Mexico, 2011/12

Exhibition Gallery JMV
Mexico City, 2011

About WH Scholz
Artes e Historia, Mexico, 2010

Exhibition Gallery Association of Art, Dresden, Germany, 2009

Exhibition Museum Chopo
Mexico City, 2005

Multimedia Dance Performance
Landscapes of Love

Das Bild in mir / Image Inside

Fiction Film
Lost Wings / Verlorene Flügel

Documentary + Fiction Film
Shadow Seeker / Schattensucher

About WH Scholz
DNN, Dresden, Germany, 1994

"Destierro del Paraiso" Museo Regional, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2011-2012
Expulsion from Paradise / Vertreibung aus dem Paradies

Diario Independiente                     Domingo 30 de Octubre 2011.

Scholz’ shows us how he look (at art)
Wolfgang H. Scholz (1958) is a very complete artist: He studied painting and graphic arts at the Dresden University  (Academy of arts) Germany. He has been in film-making, audiovisual art. He has to this date a good number of documentary films, fiction feature films. His most recent facet is the development of photography.
The German artist will show his most recent work this Sunday, the fruit of after nearly two years of talk with the Museo Regional of Guadalajara, which shows among other things various expressions contemporary art.
“ The contemporary art discourse does a marvelous contrast with the building and its collections” says Francisco de la Peña in relation to Scholz’ work. He then adds that the opening of the exhibition is precedes the Feria del Libro 2011
(Guadalajara’s biggest cultural event of the year), in which Germany is the guest of honor.
The exhibition is called “Destierro del Paraíso” (“Expulsion from Paradise”) and will be inaugurated today at 1:00PM, and consists of 18 photos, 4 video-installations and close to 10 art objects from the series “Cocoons”. Each of these cocoons is made of waxed silk paper mounted on a wire structure and protected from the elements by a transparent plastic cover. Some of the smaller cocoons are inside the room caller Ixca Farías, while the larger pieces hang, like organic pendulums in the central patio.
“ I began to be interested in the cocoons in 1986 , because they are strange elements , and for me the shape and the process of its making are interesting”, says the German artist in relation to these pieces as well as to the photos in the exhibition. In these photos –that were taken in the house of Hernan  Cortés  of Antigua, in the state of Veracruz - we can see women suspended in similar, from cocoon-like shapes.
In another group of photos people are submerged under water, showing another element of nature ( water, earth) as well as movement and rhythm within a given space.

A Multimedia Artist

Wolfgang H. Scholz was born 1958 in Dresden Germany. Aside from painting, and a career in the graphic arts, he does the dramaturgy for film ( film-making). His first short-film was made in 1986, and among his films are: “Shadow seeker” (1994), “Lost Wings” ( Silver award in the Houston Festival), “The Image Inside” (2009, Platinum award  in the Houston Festival). He has shown his work in Germany, and Mexico, where he has been living for the past 10 years and is married to a Mexican dancer.