Wolfgang H Scholz Portrait by H Schluttig, 2013

WH Scholz (1958, Dresden), painter, photographer and film director
Lives in Mexico City and Munich (studios are in Mexico City and Dresden)

Studied fine arts at the Abendakademie of the Academie of Fine Arts Dresden
(HfBK, 1982-85, F.Panndorf), Graphology (Leipzig, 1987-88, I.Rudolph), had a
teaching position at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF, 1990-91,
K.Schreyer), gave seminars at the Film University Centro de Capacitación
Cinematográfica Mexico Cit
y (CCC, 2002).

He is founder (1994) and CEO of the Sic! Film Production GmbH, Munich.
He worked from 1992 till 2008 as an tv editor and film director by Bavarian TV
, ZDF, the MDR and for other european TV broadcasters like ORF and ARTE.
He realized until now more then 45 documentaries and fiction films.

And as an independent fine art artist he has realized until now mor the
50 exhibitions and performances of painting, photography and multimedia art.

In 2013 he was appointed at the Saxon Academy of Arts, Germany.

The Film Museum of the University UNAM and the Museum Chopo (both Mexico City)
presented 2016 and 2017 a hughe retrospective of his works.



a selection of solo exhibitions and performances
2017   LES Gallery The Clemente, New York City
            "The Intelligent Labyrinth" Orientation and De-Coding, photography
2016   UNAM, Mexico City, photography
            "Time of Crows" film, Cineteca Nacional, Mexico City
2015    Museum of Modern Art Querétaro, Mexico
            "Tracks of Bodies" (Huellas de Cuerpos), painting and drawing
              "Parts / Partes" - photography, Gallery "Mal de Archivo", Rosario, Argentina
2014    Goethe Institut Mexico City
            "Números/Numbers" - photography and video Installation
            Galería Blanco, Buenos Aires, Argentina
            "El Laberinto Interno 1" -photography and video Installation
              Festival Soliloquios Dialogos, Mexico City
            "Melancholy - Part 1", multimedia stage piece
              Centro de Expresiones Contemporáneas, Rosario, Argentina
            "El Laberinto Interno 2", photography
2013     La Casona Municipal, Córdoba, Argentinien
            "Labyrinth Project" - drawing and photography
             Teatro Montes de Oca, San José, Costa Rica
            "Labyrinth Project" photography and video installation
             Teatro Bataclana, Córdoba, Argentina
            "Labyrinth Project" photography and video installation
             Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina
            "Laberinto" drawing, photography and video installation
             Gallery "Feuerwache", Dresden
            "Heads", painting, drawing, photography and video installation
              Museum Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City
            "Melancholy - Part 1", multimedia stage piece, 3-channel projection
            "The Inner Labyrinth", multimedia performance,2-channel projection
             Theater Centro Cultural „Los Talleres“, Mexico City
2012    Museum Regional, Guadalajara, Mexico
            "Expulsion from Paradies", photography, room and video installation
             paintingi,drawing, photography, Dreikönigskirche, Dresden
2011    painting, Museum Ex-Convento del Carmen, Guadalajara, Mexico
             Gallery José María Velasco, Mexico City
            "Faces - 2 Sites", photography and video installation
2010   painting, Gallery UAM Iztapalapa, Mexico City
            Gallery Estación Coyoacán of Modern Art, Mexico City
            painting, drawing, photography and video installation
             room installation and photography, Heilig-Geist-Kirche, Dresden
2009    "painting, drawing", Neuer Sächsischer Kunstverein (mit G.Lepke), Dresden
              "Cocoons", room installation, Museum del Arzobispado, Mexico City
2008     "painting, drawing", Gallery „Seminario de Cultura Méxicana“, Mexico City
2005     Museum Chopo, Mexico City
            "Entspannen Sie sich, Sie sind am Ziel", painting, drawing and
              room installation, Forum „Vitrales“ IMSS, Mexico City
2003     "Cicles", multimedia performance, 2-channel projection
              Theater of the Instituto Peruano-Norteamericano, Lima, Peru
            "Landscapes of Love", multimedia performance
              Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, New York City, USA
2002    Fringe Festival for Independent Dance Toronto, Canada
            "Landscapes of Love", multimedia performance
             National Theater Havanna, Kuba
            Theater Centro Cultural „Los Talleres“, Mexico City
            "Cicles", Multimediale Inszenierung, 2-channel projection
              Theater Miguel Covarrubias (UNAM), Mexico City
            Theater de la Danza, Mexico City
2001     "Landscapes of Love", multimedia performance
             Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City
            Theater Centro Cultural „Los Talleres“, Mexico City
            Theatre de la Danza, Mexico City
            Centro Fotográfico „Álvarez Bravo“, Oaxaca, Mexico
1994    "Balance", multimedia performance, Black Box, Gasteig, Munich
1991     "Neue Arbeiten" painting, drawing, objects
Galerie Carl Baasel, Starnberg, Germany

a selection of group exhibitions and performances
2017   drawing, Gallery Estación Coyoacán of Modern Art, Mexico City
2016   "Time of Crows" Kinospielfilm, Int'n Film Festival Houston, USA
2015   Photography, Museum Chopo, Mexico City
            photography, BBK Galerie Maximilianstrasse, Munich
            photography, Rathaus Dresden
            "Time of Crows" film, Int'n Film Festival Milano, Italy
2014   painting, Museu dos Correo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
            painting, Museu dos Correo, Brasilia, Brasil
            painting, Gallery Sybille Nütt, Dresden
            Dresden Contemporary Art
2013      "Selbstportraits", drawing, Gallery OBEN, Chemnitz, Germany
           photography, JohannStadthalle, Dresden
            photography, BBK Galerie, München
            "Melancholy - Part 1", multimedia performance, 3-channel projection
            Theater Centro Cultural „Los Talleres“, Mexico City
            "The Inner Labyrinth", multimedia performance, 2-channel projection
            Theater Universität Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, Mexico
2012   painting, Galerie Vértice, Guadalajara, Mexico
2011   painting and video installation, Dreikönigskirche "Kreuz-Projekt", Dresden
            paintingi, Gallery Vértice, Guadalajara, Mexico
            room installation, Gallery SHCP, Mexico City
            Film "Body Building", Festival Usti nad Labem, Tschechien
2010   Film "The Image Inside", Documentary Campus, Newseeland
2009   Film "Das Bild in mir", Dresdner Stadtmuseum
            Film "Das Bild in mir", Angermuseum, Erfurt
            "Ohne Uns", Films, Motorenhalle Dresden
            Film "Das Bild in mir", Int'l Dokumentarfilm Festival Leipzig
2008    painting, Gallery Vértice, Guadalajara, Mexico
            drawing, Museum of Art and History, Juarez City, Mexico
2006   painting, Gallery Oscar Roman, Mexiko City, Mexico
            drawing, Gallery Metropolitana, Mexiko City
2005      "Ser Vivientes", multimedia performance, 2-channel projection
            Theater Centro Cultural „Los Talleres“, Mexico City
2001      "Lost Wings" film, Int'n Independent Film Festival New York, USA
2000      "Lost Wings" Kinospielfilm, Int'n Film Festival Mailand, Italien
            "Lost Wings" Kinospielfilm, Int'n Film Festival Karlovy Vary, Tschechien
            "Lost Wings" Kinospielfilm, Int'n Film Festival Houston, USA
            "Verlorene Flügel" Kinospielfilm, Filmfestspiele Bieberach, Deutschland
            "Lost Wings" Kinospielfilm, Int'n Film Festival Vancouver, Kanada
            "Lost Wings" Kinospielfilm, San Marco Island Int'n Film Festival Florida, USA
1999    Internationale Filmtage Hof, Deutschland
1995   Festival der A*Devantgarde, Neuen Theater, Munich
            Film "Shaddow Seeker", Int'l Dokumentarfilm Festival Munich
            Film "Schattensucher", Int'l Dokumentarfilm Festival Leipzig
1993   ART FAIR, Gallery Walter Bischoff, Los Angeles, USA
            "Häutungen", Multimediale Inszenierung, Film, Theaterhaus, Stuttgart
1992   drawing, ART FAIR, Gallery Walter Bischoff, Cologne
            Film "Kohlenlothar", Int'l Dokumentarfilm Festival Munich
1991   painting, "20 Münchner Künstler", Altes Rathaus Munich
            drawing, Gallery Walter Bischoff, Stuttgart
1990    "Ausgebürgert", Albertinum, Dresden
1989   Installation, Film, BBK Galerie, Munich
1988    Filme, HfBK Academy of Fine Arts Dresden
Zeichnung, Gallery A-B, Dresden