Krähenzeit / Time of Crows
Wolfgang H Scholz
Schattensucher / Shadow Seeker
Wolfgang H Scholz

Verlorene Flügel / Lost Wings
Wolfgang H Scholz

Das Bild in mir / The Image Inside
Wolfgang H Scholz

Wolfgang H Scholz

Body Building
Wolfgang H Scholz

Al Fin del Mar / Lost Horizons
Wolfgang H Scholz
Der Steindrucker / The Lithographer
Wolfgang H Scholz

A selection of feature films (for all script and direction)

2014 “Krähenzeit“ („Time of Crows“)
theatrical feature film; 51 mins.
1999 “Verlorene Flügel“ („Lost Wings“)
theatrical feature film; 84 mins. / 35 mm
1994 “Schattensucher“ („Shadow Seeker“)
documentary + feature film; 93 mins / 35 mm
1988 “Überfahrt“ („The Crossing“)
(remains unpublished) 30 mins. / 16 mm
1986“Traum 1“ („Dream 1“)
short film; 12 mins. / 16 mm

A selection of documentaries (for all script and direction)

2009 "Das Bild in mir" ("The Image Inside")

theatrical, Prod.: Sic! Film, 54 mins.
2003 "Stille Wasser sind tief" ("Deap Waters are still"), BR, 45 mins.
2003 "Fremde Nachbarn" “Distant Neighbours” - Prod.: Sic!Film
2002 "Deutsch-Österreichische Sehnsüchte" („German-Austrian Sensibilities") BR + ORF, 45 mins.
2000 "Verlorene Kindheit" (“Lost Childhood")
– a trip to the children of Rumania, ZDF, 30 mins.
1998 “Eine Münchner Kino-Legende" (“A Munich Cinema-Legend")
about the oldest Munich cinema and its owner, 45 mins.
1995 "Der reale Traum" ("The real dream")
portrait of the Theatre of Meiningen, MDR, 60 mins.
1993 "Hinter den Kulissen" ("Behind the Scenes")
portrait of two theatres in Magdeburg, MDR, 60 mins.
1992 "Der Steindrucker von Otto Dix" („The Lithographer“)
Prod: KAOS, Cologne for Channel 4 / Sat 1 / RTL, 49 mins.
1989/90 "Kohlenlothar" - the last coal provider who hand delivered coal in Dresden 16mm, b/w, 17 mins.
1988 "Body Building" - a body building group in East Germany Prod.: AFS Dresden, 16mm, 25mins.
1988 "David" - a seven-year-old boy three days before moving
from East to West Germany, 16 mm, 6 mins.

A selection of TV films (for all script and direction)

"Zwischenstation" - (“Between Station”)
24 hours at a highway rest stop, BR, 45 mins.
1995 "Die Wiedergeburt einer Stadt" („The Rebirth of a City”)
MDR / ARTE, 30 mins.
1995 "Zugspitze"- a day on Germany´s highest peak, BR, 45 mins.
1995 “One day at the Oktoberfest” Documentary, BR, 45 mins.
1996 “The great trip of the Family G.”
- about the Musical scene in Germany, BR, 45 mins.
1998 "Wallfahrt nach Altötting" („Pigrimidge to Altötting“) 30 mins.
2000 "Nachtcafé" (“Nightcafe")
- Portrait of a shelter for the homeless, Sic! Film for MDR, 30 mins.
2001 "The little big Alois" Portrait, BR -30 mins.
2002 "Christian Stückl" Portrait, BR -30 mins.
2004 "The Auction" - the last days of a large german company , BR, 30 mins.
2005 "Green Tea and Weißbier" - Chinese tourists in Munich, BR, 30 mins.
"The Health Factory" - the Großhadern Hospital, BR -30 mins.
2007 "Knee prosthesis and designer bag" - Arab tourists in Munich, BR, 30 mins.

A selection of screenplays

1994 “Two actors / four observers” feature film, 60 mins.
2001 "The Diaries from J. Pfeiffer" RADIO–PLAY,
DeutschlandRadio Berlin, 90 mins.
2002 “Schattensucher 2” (“Shadow Seeker 2”) documentary, 90 mins.
2003 “México es una Doña” Documentary, 80 mins.
2005/07 “Al Fin Del Mar" / "Lost Horizons” theatrical feature film, 100 mins.


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