Exhibition Museum Regional Guadalajara, Mexico, 2011/12

Exhibition Gallery JMV
Mexico City, 2011

About WH Scholz
Artes e Historia, Mexico, 2010

Exhibition Gallery Association of Art, Dresden, Germany, 2009

Exhibition Museum Chopo
Mexico City, 2005

Multimedia Dance Performance
Landscapes of Love

Das Bild in mir / Image Inside

Fiction Film
Lost Wings / Verlorene Flügel

Documentary + Fiction Film
Shadow Seeker / Schattensucher

About WH Scholz
DNN, Dresden, Germany, 1994

DNN, Dresden, Germany, 22.06.2009
Exibition “Heimat” New Saxony Association of Art, Dresden 2009
by Adina Rieckmann

Huge cocoons float at six meters height in an amazing patio in Mexico City, in the Museum Arzobispado. These wonderful objects made from wire and silk paper by the Dresden born – and living in Mexico by choice- artist Wolfgang Scholz. At the same time, and as a contrast he has a showing of red paintings in the Gallery of the New Saxony Association of Art in Dresden. These are twelve red paintings. These intensive powerful paintings are exhibited with the painter Gerda Lepke in the show called “Wahlheimat” (“Chosen Homeland”). For him is homeland there where his studio (atelier) is, where the colors are, where the canvases are. He still feels quite bound to Dresden, even his studio is now in Mexico City, because of his work as film director. “What really makes me happy is that I was able to show the complete cycle in my home town. The red color, is of its own, a difficult color. For three years I worked on these pictures, and the red color became increasingly intensive, and important”. This cycle has a hard rhythm. Whoever sees these paintings in red with asphalt and sand, sees also the filmmaker. “I can’t really separate this, my shapes stem from memory images, the image continues in my mind; and this also true for my films. I am always looking for unreal images, that moves me on.” The Mexican by choice is curious to see how the people from Dresden will take in his images. His last exhibition here was in 1989.